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Dixon Springs to Gainsboro (22" Line 3100-1) - Pipe Isolation

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Dixon Springs to Gainsboro (22" Line 3100-1) - Pipe Isolation
October 15 - October 19

As previously posted on August 29, 2019, as part of Enbridge's ongoing integrity program, ETNG has been conducting a comprehensive assessment of its pipeline facilities. As part of this comprehensive assessment and to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements associated with ETNG's ongoing DOT Pipeline Integrity Project, ETNG has conducted an in-line inspection tool runs on its 22" Line 3100-1 between Dixon Springs and Monterey in mid-July. After further review of the in-line inspection results, ETNG has identified a small pipe section requiring remediation and thereby the need to isolate the 3100-1 line between Dixon Springs and Gainsboro.

ETNG will begin the pipeline isolation and replacement on Gas Day, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and anticipates the outage will last approximately 5 days. ETNG endeavors to complete the work as safely and efficiently as possible to reduce the timeframe to complete the work.

As a result of this pipe isolation, ETNG will be required to restrict to 0 Dth (zero flow) through Dixon Springs for the duration of the outage. ETNG anticipates restrictions will be required for interruptible, secondary and primary firm services due to this outage. Customers delivering to meters east of Dixon Springs should consider sourcing gas from meters east of Dixon Springs to avoid potential restrictions due to this outage.

In addition, as previously posted on March 7, a temporary pressure reduction has been placed for the portion of the ETNG system between Ridgetop and Monterey. This temporary pressure reduction will remain in place until the identified anomalies are appropriately remediated and ETNG has conducted its final engineering assessment to determine it is safe to return the line to normal operating pressures.

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