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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
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12:25:22 PM
09:00:00 AM
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12:25:22 PM

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TETCO Operational Advisory - UPDATE 2

Notice Text:

Texas Eastern Transmission, LP (TETLP) is providing the following update on the status of its integrity program and the corresponding impacts to its planned outage schedule and operational system capacities.

As posted on March 25, 2019, as part of Enbridge's ongoing integrity program, TETLP has been conducting a comprehensive assessment of its pipeline operations. To date, TETLP has made progress on previously identified segments as listed in the planned maintenance postings. TETLP has identified additional locations along its system that may require integrity tests, inspections, and subsequent actions. These items include, but are not limited to: (1) aerial and direct assessment of the pipeline, (2) close interval surveys, (3) additional in-line inspection (ILI) tool runs and analysis, (4) temporary pressure reductions at certain locations across the system, (5) hydrostatic tests and (6) pipe repairs and/or replacements. Please refer to the March 25, 2019 posting for more details on the work streams.

TETLP has determined that additional ILI tool runs and assessments for the identified segments below are necessary at this time. TETLP will be imposing temporary operating pressure restrictions of these line segments until the integrity of these areas can be verified and identified anomalies can be appropriately remediated. TETLP is working to return all affected line segments to normal operating capacities as safely and efficiently as possible.

We will identify any corresponding changes to work plans and impacts to capacity in TETLP's regular planned maintenance postings.

¿Line 1 - Eagle to Linden
¿Line 1-A Eagle to Chester Junction
¿Line 1-D - Linden to end of line (EOL)
¿Line 1-D-3 - Linden to EOL
¿Line 12 - Delmont to Perulack
¿Line 19 - Bechtelsville to Lambertville
¿Line 1 - Norris City to Five Points
¿Line 3 - Lebanon to Summerfield
¿Line 13 - Carthage to Longview
¿Line 11 - Providence City to Joaquin to Red River
¿Line 16 - Blessing to Mt. Belvieu
¿Line 2 - Castor to EOL
¿Line 21 - Charco to Providence City
¿Line 40 - Larose to EOL
¿Line 1-N - Longview to Atlanta

TETLP believes the safety of its facilities and pipelines are of the utmost importance and integral to system reliability. TETLP understands the importance of minimizing the impact of outages to its customers where possible and the urgency to restore full capacity along its system. TETLP is committed to providing regular outage updates as soon as the information becomes available.

Please contact your Marketing Account Manager if you have any questions.