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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
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30" Unplanned Lincoln County, KY Outage - UPDATE 7

Notice Text:

Texas Eastern (TE) is providing the following update on its 30 inch pipeline system for the incident on Line 15 between Danville and Tompkinsville compressor stations.

As posted on August 1, 2019, TE has restricted capacity thru its Danville compressor station to zero. At this time, TE anticipates restrictions to zero will continue through Gas Day August 25, 2019.

TE is continuing its work plan to replace portion of Lines 10 and 25 in the vicinity of the incident site, and to assess Line 15 between Uniontown and Kosciusko in compliance with the corrective action order (CAO). The assessments include reviewing inspection data, evaluating construction records, performing field investigations, and scheduling additional interior and exterior inspections and repairs among other work streams. TE is working diligently to comply with the requirements identified by PHMSA, and to return Line 10 and 25 to service that were taken out of service as a precautionary safety measure.

Looking Ahead:

Prior to returning Line 10 or 25 to service, TE is choosing to isolate Line 15 from Line 10 and 25 to ensure that TE complies with the pressure requirements as stipulated in the CAO for Line 15 between Kosciusko and Uniontown.

Line 25
Based on the current schedule, TE will isolate Line 15 as mentioned above and perform other readiness for service activities in the coming days. Pending regulatory authorization, TE is currently targeting August 25 - 26, 2019 to perform initial flows on Line 25, with commercial availability to follow immediately thereafter. TE will post on its EBB, the specific Gas Day that this line will be available for nominations up to the approximately 800,000 Dth/d through Danville as was detailed in our earlier return to service posting.

Line 10
Based on the current schedule, TE anticipates completing the construction activities and other readiness for service activities required to return to service, are anticipated at this time, to be completed by late August or the first week of September. TE will address all of the site-specific concerns identified by PHMSA and will be undertaking rigorous inspections on Line 10 in compliance with the CAO prior to returning it to service. Once regulatory authorization has been received to return Line 10 to service and initial flow testing completed, TE will again post on its EBB, the specific Gas Day that this line will be available for nominations up to the approximately 1,200,000 Dth/d total capacity for lines 10 & 25 combined.

There are various factors that could potentially change the projected return to service date for both Line 25 and Line 10, such as but not limited to: weather conditions and any unforeseen existing pipeline conditions that could lengthen the work schedule.

These pipelines will not be returned to service until we satisfy regulatory requirements stipulated in the CAO and it is safe to do so.

As more is determined on the timeframe to return Line 10 and 25 to service, it will be posted on the LINK® EBB.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.