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Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
Critical notice
10:49:23 AM
10:49:23 AM
Force Majeure/Weather Alert
10:49:23 AM

No response required

Disturbance 12 - Evacuation of All Personnel at SS-207

Notice Text:

In anticipation of severe weather conditions resulting from Disturbance 12, all personnel at the Ship Shoal 207 platform will be evacuated today, July 10, 2019.

The Anaconda @ SS207 (meter NA003) and the Manta Ray @ SS207 B (NA037) receipt meter will be shut-in at approximately 12 PM today, and will remain shut-in until further notice.

All other receipt and delivery points on Nautilus' system will remain in service until further notice.

Scheduled quantities at affected receipt and delivery points will be reduced to EPSQ for the Intraday 1 cycle for today's gas day, and to zero for tomorrow's gas day and until further notice.

This event constitutes a point specific Force Majeure for all gas received at the Anaconda @ SS207 and the Manta Ray @ S207 B meter, pursuant to section 25 of the General Terms and Conditions of Nautilus' FERC Gas Tariff.

In the event the platform's safety system shuts in flow across the platform, Nautilus will post an update.

For questions concerning this notice, please contact your Enbridge Offshore account rep at 713-627-6204.

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