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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Critical notice
12:19:06 PM
09:00:00 AM
Capacity Constraint
12:19:06 PM

No response required

TE Line 16 Angleton to Mt. Belvieu Detailed Investigations

Notice Text:

Due to third party activity, Texas Eastern (TE) will be conducting detailed investigations on Line 16 between Angleton compressor station (Angleton) and Mt. Belvieu compressor station (Mt. Belvieu). During these investigations, TE must lower the pressure to approximately 600 psi on Line 16 between Angleton to Mt. Belvieu compressor stations

Based on current nominations levels, TE does not anticipate restrictions at this time. If nomination patterns change, restrictions are possible for interruptible, secondary services and potentially primary services.

TE anticipates customers/point operators in STX and ETX will experience lower pressures on the system during this time frame. TE request customers/point operators be aware of the impact non-ratable hourly takes from the system may have in causing delivery pressures reaching lower than desired levels.

TE will post additional details surrounding these investigations as they become available.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.

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