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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
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TETCO Operational Advisory

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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP (TETLP) is providing the following update on the status of its integrity program and the corresponding impacts to its planned outage schedule and operational system capacities.

As part of Enbridge's ongoing integrity program, TETLP has been conducting a comprehensive assessment of its pipeline operations and is identifying locations along its entire system that may require additional integrity tests, inspections, and subsequent actions. These items include, but are not limited to: (1) aerial and direct assessment of the pipeline, (2) close interval surveys, (3) additional in-line inspection tool runs and analysis, (4) temporary pressure reductions at certain locations across the system and (5) hydrostatic tests. As data becomes available from each of these items, we will identify any corresponding impacts to capacity on TETLP's regular planned maintenance posting. Details on each work stream is provided below:

(1) Aerial and Direct Assessment
TETLP continues to verify the integrity of the pipeline through aerial observation, ground patrol and other forms of direct assessment to identify potential geological threats such as, but not limited to, lateral earth movements, water flow, and other forces of nature in the area of the pipeline. To the extent TETLP identifies any sites requiring remedial action, TETLP will safely and promptly mitigate the threat and post any required outage on its LINK® Electronic Bulletin Board.

(2) Close Interval Surveys (CIS)

TETLP will conduct CIS along sections of its pipeline to verify its cathodic protection systems. TETLP does not anticipate any capacity losses during the CIS, however, potential outages may be required in the event the findings warrant further investigation of the cathodic protection system.

(3) ILI inspection and Analysis and (4) Pressure Reductions

TETLP will continue with its base in-line inspection (ILI) program and accelerate the use of additional in-line tools to verify the integrity of its system. Depending on the results of the ILI analysis, repairs or further investigations may be required. TETLP will take temporary pressure reductions when necessary at various locations along its system until such ILI results are completed, fully analyzed and any anomalies are remediated. These ILI tool runs and any capacity loss due to any pressure reduction will be scheduled and posted as part of TETLP's regular planned maintenance updates on its LINK® EBB.

(5) Hydrostatic Testing

As part of TETLP's ongoing system wide integrity program, TETLP will review various sets of data from tool runs and inspections and will determine if additional hydrostatic testing is required. Similar to the ILI Inspections, TETLP will post any required hydrostatic tests as part of its regular planned maintenance posting on its LINK® EBB.

TETLP believes the safety of its facilities and pipelines are of the utmost importance and integral to system reliability. TETLP understands the importance to minimize the impact of the outages to its customers where possible and the urgency to restore full capacity along its system. TETLP is committed to providing regular outage updates as soon as the information becomes available. Please contact your Marketing Account Manager if you have any questions.