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March, 2019 LINK® Enhancements

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Nomination Analytics

New functionality is now available that provides an overview of nomination activity through graphical charts and grid information. This functionality is the first step in providing more analytical information to customers about their business activity on the LINK® system. A summary of the new functionality and associated screens is provided below. We invite you to review the offering and provide feedback for additional information, charts and graphs to

The Nomination Dashboard is located under Nominations, Nomination, and then Nomination Dashboard. This screen will provide a summary by Service Requester of Nominations by Contract, Date and Rate Schedule for the date range selected and the quantity type. If one of the bars on the Nominations by Contract chart is clicked on, the system will send you to the Nomination View Screen. The Nomination View Screen provides all the individual nominations for the date range from the Nomination Dashboard screen in grid format along with as a bar graph of daily activity. The nomination records can be downloaded with the existing Export to CSV functionality. This screen can also be accessed through the Nominations menu tree. Once on the screen, filters can be used to update the data presented and the resulting bar graph.

If the pie chart for Nominations by Rate Schedule is clicked on for a particular rate schedule, the user can drill down to the contracts under those rate schedules. Clicking on the contract level will transport the user to the Nomination View screen.

Other functionality on the Nomination Dashboard includes the ability to filter information by requested or scheduled volume, and by rate schedule. For example, in the Nominations by Rate Scheduled and Date Graph, you can click rate schedules underneath the graph to include or exclude them. Print functionality is also located in the upper right hand corner of each graph that allows the graph to be saved in several formats.

Finally, Nomination Sankey Charts located under the Nominations menu, or from the related screen icon on the Nomination View Screen, provide a graphical representation of nominations receiving from specific upstream entities and delivering to specific downstream entities. A second chart maps nominations from receipt to delivery points. Place your cursor over the lines in the graphs to see specific scheduled volumes for each information match. Click on a specific line to be transported to the Nomination View Screen.

Reduction Notices

Shipper nomination reduction notices in grid format have been updated to include up/down entity and up/down contract.