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Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
Critical notice
09:00:00 AM
09:00:00 AM
Capacity Constraint
02:58:37 PM

No response required

NPC Pipeline Conditions for 2/19/2019

Notice Text:

For Gas Day February 19, 2019, Nautilus Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (Nautilus) has approved and scheduled nominations at each pipeline segment and meter station up to the Enterprise Neptune Plant's operational capacity. The following locations have been restricted due to requested nominations exceeding the Enterprise Neptune Plant's operational capacity:

Nautilus has restricted a portion of interruptible nominations sourced upstream of the Neptune Plant for delivery downstream of the Neptune Plant. No increases in receipts sourced upstream of Neptune Plant for delivery downstream of Neptune Plant will be accepted.

Customers are advised that capacity may become available as the nomination and confirmation process continues throughout the day.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.

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