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East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC
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Line 3100 Outage Update (7)

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East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC (ETNG) is providing the following update on its progress in returning to service the 3100 Line near its Dixon Spring compressor station. As posted on December 21, 2018, ETNG is working diligently to return the capacity thru Dixon Springs to approximately 300,000 Dth/d. The updated progress report is as follows:

Progress Report: ETNG continues to be diligent on its construction activity work streams required to return the pipeline back to service. The three major work streams are: (1) Testing and installing new section of pipeline, (2) Installing temporary pig launchers/receivers and cleaning of the pipeline around incident location and (3) Removing temporary pig launcher/receivers and returning pipeline to service.

As of December 28, 2018, ETNG is in the process of purging and packing the new pipeline section between Dixon Springs and Gainsboro. ETNG continues its pigging operations to clean the pipeline around the incident location. ETNG projects the final pig runs and other commissioning activities will be completed on December 29th. There are various factors that could potentially change the projected return to service date, such as, but not limited to: weather conditions and unforeseen events due to existing pipeline conditions that could lengthen the work schedule. Based on the current schedule and progress made to date, ETNG projects returning to service approximately 300,000 Dth/d of capacity thru Dixon Spring on DECEMBER 30, 2018.

Looking Ahead: ETNG will continue to provide updates on its progress until the 3100 line has been restored to full capacity. ETNG is committed to prioritizing the work in a safe and efficient manner in order to increase system capacity as quickly as feasible. Please contact your Marketing Account Manager if you have any questions.