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Bobcat Gas Storage
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Temporary Covid-19 Waiver

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Pursuant to Section 24.2 of the General Terms and Conditions of Bobcat Gas Storage's FERC Gas Tariff, Bobcat is temporarily waiving the requirements in GT&C Section 3.6(B) requiring the execution of certain agreements in writing. This is a temporary waiver of the requirements noted below that is provided by Bobcat in order for business continuity during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Customers will be required to execute contracts either in writing or electronically. Customers should contact their Marketing Account Manager for any questions.

"All firm service agreements with a term of more than two (2) years, all amendments to firm service agreements with a term of more than two (2) years, all No-Notice Storage Service Agreements and all amendments to No-Notice Storage Agreements and all Exhibit(s) B to Customer's Hub Service Agreement for park and loan transactions with a transaction term of more than two (2) years. A Service Agreement shall be executed and, if required to be executed in writing, returned to Pipeline, within fifteen (15) days of the later of (i) the determination of the winning bid in an open season, or (ii) the tender of a service agreement by Pipeline."