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LINK® Enhancement - Automation of Title Transfer

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A LINK® enhancement to automate the Title Transfer process is now available on the LINK® system for customers who have service agreements under 1) SR, BGS, and Egan Rate Schedules FSS, EPS, ILS, IPS, ILS, and NSS; 2) SR and BGS Rate Schedule ISS and 3) Egan Rate Schedule SSS that wish to transfer title and ownership of its storage inventory, park balance or loan balance, as applicable, to any other customer and/or executed service agreement under these rates schedules.

A withdrawal customer wishing to title transfer can go to Flowing Gas > Imbalance > Storage/PAL Balance Transfer screen to submit the transfer and with the injection customer's approval and final approval from Enbridge Marketing, the quantities will be transferred from the withdrawing customer service agreement to the injection customer service agreement in the Storage/PAL Information screen.

Please find attached a tutorial on the automated Title Transfer process. If you have any questions, please contact your Capacity Services Representative or LINK-Help at or 1-800-827-5465.

Download File: Title Transfer Tutorial.pdf