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Walker Ridge Gathering System, L.L.C.
Not a critical notice
08:57:32 AM
08:57:32 AM
08:57:32 AM

No response required

Nomination changes during Intraday 3.

Notice Text:

To help ensure intraday nomination changes made after 8:30 PM CCT are processed appropriately with our interconnecting parties, Enbridge Volume Management requests that you contact us at 713-627-5059 to communicate changes verbally in addition to entering the nominations within the LINK® system. This call will give us more lead time to work with the interconnecting party to determine whether both entities can support the nomination change before the ID3 confirmation window closes.

If you have any questions, please contact James Cymes at 713-627-4573 or Damita Porter at 713-989-8447.

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