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Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC
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Mainline between Cromwell and Burrillville Unplanned Outage -- UPDATE

Notice Text:

As previously posted, due to Algonquin Gas Transmission's (AGT) ongoing comprehensive Integrity Program, AGT has experienced an unplanned outage on its Mainline (M/L) segment between its Cromwell and Burrillville compressor stations. As a result of this unplanned outage, AGT has reduced its operating pressure by approximately 5% on the Mainline segments between Cromwell and Burrillville compressor stations until the identified pipeline anomalies have been appropriately remediated.

Based on the pressure restriction, capacity has been reduced to the following:
Cromwell: 1,338,000 Dth/d
Chaplin:1,111,000 Dth/d
Burrillville:1,102,000 Dth/d

In addition, due to additional pressure restrictions being necessary to safely excavate and to appropriately remediate the anomalies, AGT will commence the excavation and remediation of these anomalies post-April 15th. Therefore, the above-mentioned capacities will remain in place until work commences. AGT will post the exact timeframe of the repairs in its planned service outage postings.
Based on historical nominations, AGT anticipates restrictions to interruptible, secondary and potentially primary firm nominations.

In addition, AGT requests that customers/point operators on AGT be made aware of the impact non-ratable hourly takes off the system will have in causing delivery pressures to reach lower than desired levels during the transient morning hours, AGT may be required to impose further restrictions or courses of action in order to maintain the operational integrity of the system.

Please contact your Operations Account Representative if you have any questions.

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