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NEXUS Gas Transmission, LLC (U.S.)
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TE/NEXUS Leased Capacity: Pipeline Outage

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TE/NEXUS Leased Capacity: Pipeline Outage

NEXUS GAS TRANSMISSION, LLC (NEXUS) has been informed by Texas Eastern (TE) of the following pipeline outage that will impact receipts into NEXUS.

***Berne to Holbrook 30" Line 15: September 16 - 20

As part of TE's comprehensive integrity assessment of its pipeline system, TE will be conducting a pipeline outage on 30" Line 15 between Berne to Holbrook stations.

During this outage, capacity through the Colerain and Salineville Stations will be reduced to approximately 715,000 Dth for customers sourcing gas from meters on TE's Mainline delivering to meters on NEXUS. Depending on the level of nominated quantities, restrictions are possible for interruptible, secondary services and potentially primary firm services.

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