Effective Date: 4/1/2018
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Pipeline NamePipeline ID CodeReport DateOriginal/Revised IndicatorFirst Day of
Calendar Quarter
Unit of Measurement
for Transportation MDQ
Unit of Measurement
for Storage MDQ
Contact Person and
Phone Number
Footnote ID
Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC C0005134/2/2018O4/1/2018F LISA CONNOLLY 713-627-4102
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Shipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily Quantity
For Storage, Max Daily Quantity
Footnote ID
BP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANY8966889NFT-2530016-R211/1/2017  N3020701/2
BRIGHT & COMPANY I, LTD.677036NFT-2530053-R11/1/2007  N001/2
CALYPSO EXPLORATION, LLC182960807NFT-2530033-R11/1/2007  N001/2
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY1368265NFT-2530017-R11/1/1999  N1174001/2
ENI PETROLEUM US LLC605981682NFT-2530018-R11/1/2001  N285401/2
EXXON MOBIL GAS & POWER MARKETING COMPANY78849073NFT-2530019-R21/1/2018  N910001/2
HOWARD ENERGY COMPANY, INC.112828025NFT-2530034-R11/1/2007  N001/2
M21K, LLC78535557NFT-2530020-R11/1/2007  N001/2
MARATHON OIL COMPANY55122568NFT-2530021-R21/1/2018  N270001/2
PALACE EXPLORATION COMPANY30653NFT-2530054-R11/1/2007  N003/1/2
SHELL OFFSHORE, INC.82812637NFT-2530039-R110/1/1997  N001/2
SHELL OFFSHORE, INC.82812637NFT-2530040-R110/1/1997  N001/2
SHELL OFFSHORE, INC.82812637NFT-2530041-R11/1/1998  N001/2
SHELL OFFSHORE, INC.82812637NFT-2530042-R110/1/1997  N001/2
SHELL OFFSHORE, INC.82812637NFT-2530022-R110/1/1996  N7500001/2

Footnote NumberFootnote Text
1The Term is Life of Reserves, therefore there is no Contract Primary Term Expiration Date.
2The Term is Life of Reserves, therefore there is no evergreen.
3D-U-N-S number not received yet, proprietary code is shown.