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Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
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Hurricane Laura Advisory #1

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Hurricane Laura, currently in the Gulf of Mexico, has a projected track headed towards the Texas/Louisiana area as early as Thursday August 27, 2020. Texas Eastern (TE) will continue to monitor mandatory government evacuations and the impact on its facilities and operational capacities of its system. TE is anticipating the evacuations of its Vidor compressor station effective for Gas Day August 26, 2020. To the extent other compressor station or facility evacuations are required, TE will post as soon as the information is available. Due to the mandatory evacuations, the capacities thru Vidor will be reduced to 463,000 Dth/d.

Furthermore, Shippers should be aware of the status of their supply and be prepared to ensure actual receipts and deliveries are commensurate with scheduled quantities. As this storm approaches, TE will take appropriate action to schedule shippers according to confirmed supply. Furthermore, as posted earlier, beginning for Gas Day Thursday August 27, 2020, TE has issued an Operational Flow Order for the zones of STX, ETX, WLA and ELA. Please refer the OFO posting for the appropriate details.

TE is continually monitoring the situation and will post any change to system conditions or possible action that may be taken. Shippers should monitor appropriate Enbridge's Electronic Bullet Board for any operational updates.

Please contact your Operations Account Manager if you have any questions.