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Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Limited Partnership (Canada)
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August, 2020 - LINK® Enhancements

Notice Text:

Hide Activities

This customer requested enhancement allows a nomination activity to be hidden in the Nomination screen and to be filtered out in the Activity Rollover screen. The function should be used when the activity is no longer desired for nomination processing or to be rolled over for the next month. See the tutorial for more information from the LINK Home page under Tutorials.

Automated Reduction Reason Application

An enhancement has been implemented that will automatically apply a reduction reason for confirmation cuts. A confirming party can override the automation by changing the reduction reason in the "RR" column.

Nomination Import Limit

To ensure records can uploaded through Nomination Import by NAESB deadlines, we have implemented a 350 row limit if an Excel upload is made within one hour of the Timely deadline for a given gas day. This will prevent large files with thousands of records from potentially impacting our timely processing.

New Storage E-Mail (Egan, MB, BGS, SR)

A new e-mail is available for storage business units via e-mail subscription. This e-mail will allow a customer to be notified when a confirmation reduction has been made by Enbridge that is set to be applied in the future at 22:00.

Request for Confirmation/Confirmation Response - Previous Confirmation Quantity

On the Request for Confirmation/Confirmation Response screen, a Previous Confirmation Quantity (Prev Conf Qty) has been added at the end of the grid with a Prev Conf Qty total line at the bottom of screen. The Prev Conf Qty will be populated with the Quantity 2 quantities (scheduled quantities) at the Timely Batch job. Then any time the Quantity 2 changes due to Late/Intraday noms or cuts than the previous quantity 2 will be populated in the Prev Conf Qty column and displayed in red. This enhancement allows confirming parties the ability to see what the previous quantity was before a change occurred.

If confirming party wishes to move the Prev Conf Qty column then the confirming party can drag the column and place it where the confirming party wishes to place it within the grid.

Notification for Overrun without Utilizing Full MDQ Rights (ETNG)

East Tennessee Natural Gas (ETNG) customers can subscribe to an email notification which will send an email to the customer at the end of the gas day when customer has scheduled Excess MDQ Quantity Overrun without utilizing their full MDQ. As a default, the general use contact will automatically receive this email.

Roll Activities from Different Contracts

The Activity Rollover process has been enhanced where a Service Requester can roll over activities between different contracts each month. Previously, activities could only be rolled from the same contract. The primary benefit of this enhancement will be to allow activities on capacity release replacement contracts to be moved to new replacement contracts when the old ones terminate without having to create the activities from scratch. See the updated tutorial for Roll Activities from our Tutorial page.

Award List enhancement

The award path has been added to the award list screen.

Point Activity Report Enhancements (NPC, GB, MR, WRGS, MCGP)

LINK® has made the following enhancements to the Point Activity Report:

1) Changed the "Point Activity" report to "Point Activity by Contract" report

2) Change the "Point Activity by Date" report to "Point Activity by Date/Meter" report

3) Added 2 new reports "Point Activity by Shipper" report and "Point Activity by Meter/Date"

4) Netted receipts and deliveries on the "Point Activity by Date/Meter" and "Point Activity by Meter/Date" reports.

5) Added total lines to all reports.

If you have any questions, please contact, your Operational Account Representative or 1-800-827-5465.