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Moss Bluff Hub, LLC
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Moss Bluff Planned Outage Schedule -- UPDATE

Notice Text:

As previously posted, Moss Bluff will be conducting a controls system upgrade at Moss Bluff facility beginning on Gas Day June 1 through Gas Day June 6, 2020. During the outage, Moss Bluff will not have any compression available at the facility and Moss Bluff anticipates restrictions to the following services:

i)Injections into storage from Gas Day June 1 through Gas Day June 6, 2020
ii)Wheeling (IWS) from lower pressure interconnects to higher pressure interconnects from Gas Day June 1 through Gas Day June 6, 2020
iii)Withdrawals from storage on Gas Day June 1, 2020.

Moss Bluff anticipates accepting the following IWS nominations beginning on June 1:

i) Receipt Point:NGPL (meter 45205) Delivery Point:Any Delivery Meter

ii) Receipt Point:Midcon (meter 45209)Delivery Point:Any Delivery Meter except NGPL (meter 45205)

Furthermore, Moss Bluff will allow injection nominations to the extent it is operationally possible and/or net injection quantities are zero at each interconnect.

Please contact your operational account managers if you have any questions.