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Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC
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Enbridge Gas Transmission & Midstream - Business Continuity Update (COVID-19) - Update #4

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At Enbridge (ENB), safety is a top priority. ENB continues to monitor and follow the latest guidance provided by local, state, federal and international public health and government authorities in response to COVID-19. ENB's business continuity plans enable it to manage unfolding developments related to the pandemic.

As ENB continues to monitor COVID-19, the threat level is routinely evaluated to make sure ENB's assets will continue to be operated safely and reliably. As such, ENB is evaluating and potentially resequencing some of its work related to its ongoing integrity management program and maintenance activities where appropriate for the protection of our employees' health and well-being, while maintaining the safety and reliability of our systems in order to meet our customers natural gas transportation needs. If planned maintenance or integrity work is rescheduled, ENB will update those changes to its planned service outage postings as soon as it is known.

As previously mentioned, ENB has taken steps to help prevent its employees' exposure to COVID-19 and is doing part to help prevent the spread of the virus. ENB has enacted work from home plans across the organization, except for critical business functions such as Gas Control, Field Operations and Technology Information Systems. These critical functions, including ENB's commercial services functions remain available to ensure ENB will continue to provide safe and reliable service to the communities and customers we serve. Currently, ENB does not anticipate any impacts to customers regular course of business due to the pandemic.

Please contact your Account Representative if you have any questions.