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April, 2019 LINK® Enhancements

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Auto-Renomination Preference Enhancement

A user preference can now be configured that will set the Nomination Sub-cycle indicator to "Yes" on all nominations submitted (after the preference is configured) to allow automatic renomination for qualifying reductions. To configure the preference, under the specific business unit menu go to Preferences, Manage Preferences. Then, click the check box for "Automatically Resubmit Reduced Nominations" and press Submit.

After the preference is configured, any new nomination created or nomination change submitted will have the Nomination Sub-cycle indicator for the activity automatically be set to yes. Existing nominations will not be updated unless changed. While the preference is activated, the Nomination Sub-cycle indicator will not be updatable on the Nomination screen.

Since the preference is configured at an individual user level, another user updating the same nomination without the preference activated can change the Sub-cycle indicator in the nomination screen. Also note that a list of qualifying reductions available for automatic renomination is located under Lists, Scheduled Quantity Reduction Reason. Qualifying reductions have the Nomination Sub-cycle indicator box checked.

Shipper Activity - Path Level Report

A new report called Shipper Activity - Path Level Report has been added to the offshore business units (NPC, MR, GB, MCGP and WR). This report provides scheduled and allocated quantities for contract, receipt and delivery path. It can be submitted either by Summary which provides data on a monthly basis or by Detail which will provide data on a daily basis.

If you have any questions please contact, your Operational Account Manager or 1-800-827-5465.