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September, 2020 - LINK® Enhancements

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Force Balance and Nomination Exchange Warning on Confirmation Response

To help shippers avoid a loss of capacity from confirmation cuts when their nomination is involved in a pending process, we have added two warning messages to the Confirmation Response screen so that internal Enbridge employees and external confirming parties can be cognizant of this risk when applying a reduction.

First, if a confirmation cut is applied to a nomination that has been made to a balancing point where the nomination is pending a force balance due to a volume mismatch, the operator will receive a popup warning when applying the confirmation cut.

Second, when the confirmation response screen is retrieved, any nominations involved in a pending capacity exchange will be highlighted with a note indicating the transactions are involved in a capacity exchange. A capacity exchange occurs when a nomination has been scheduled through a restriction and the shipper is modifying their nomination, or a nomination scheduled through a restriction has been cut by a confirming party.

Quick Offer Seasonal Contract Release

An enhancement has been implemented in the Offer Quick Release screen for AGT to allow the release of seasonal contracts. See the tutorial for more information from the LINK Home page under Tutorials.

Intelligent Messaging

New messaging has been added to better explain on-line error messages associated with Zone Entry quantities, Zone Exit Quantities, and Access Area Zone Limits for Legacy contracts.

If you have any questions, please contact, your Operational Account Representative or 1-800-827-5465.