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New LINK System URL Address

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On Saturday, September 19, the primary URL address for the LINK system will change from to The current URL of will continue to function for several months to allow users time to adjust, trading partner relationships to be updated and regulatory filings to be made. During this period, LINK users should transition to

Please be aware that due to upgraded security in the new configuration, customers accessing the LINK system from computers running Windows 7, using Internet Explorer 11, will not be able to access LINK through However, current versions of Chrome or Firefox running on Windows 7 can successfully access the new LINK Enbridge URL.

In addition, on Wednesday September 23, all deep launch hyperlinks in LINK system e-mail communications will change to Consequently, users running the Windows 7/IE11 combination cannot use this link to launch into the application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or your Operational Account Manager.