Effective Date: 1/1/2019
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Pipeline NamePipeline ID CodeReport DateOriginal/Revised IndicatorFirst Day of
Calendar Quarter
Unit of Measurement
for Transportation MDQ
Unit of Measurement
for Storage MDQ
Contact Person and
Phone Number
Footnote ID
Ozark Gas Transmission, L.L.C. C0000901/2/2019O1/1/2019TTESTELA D. LOZANO 713-627-4522
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Shipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily Quantity
For Storage, Max Daily Quantity
Footnote ID
ARKANSAS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE CORPORATION43559699NFTS820159-R11/1/201212/31/2016365N500005
ARKANSAS OKLAHOMA GAS CORPORATION6903058NFTS820235-R112/1/20182/28/20190N5000
ARKANSAS OKLAHOMA GAS CORPORATION6903058NFTS820233-R112/1/20182/28/20190N180000
ARKANSAS OKLAHOMA GAS CORPORATION6903058NFTS820124-R22/1/20174/30/20240N1000004
BLACK HILLS ENERGY ARKANSAS, INC.30481NFTS820003-R25/1/201610/31/20250N5388001/2
BP ENERGY COMPANY625275755NFTS820193-R22/1/20174/30/20240N3000006
CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES, INC.838611739NFTS820014-R11/1/200912/31/2013365N30000
CITY WATER & LIGHT OF JONESBORO, ARKANSAS73531774NFTS820016-R22/1/20141/31/20190N700003
ENTERGY ARKANSAS, INC.6903298NFTS820175-R112/13/20126/16/20310Y150000
KENNETT, MISSOURI, CITY OF20370920NFTS820015-R11/1/200912/31/2018365N5000
LIBERTY ENERGY (MIDSTATES) CORP78314967NFTS820169-R18/1/201210/31/2013365N120000
UNIMIN CORPORATION51544757NFTS820155-R12/1/20121/31/2013365N2000

Footnote NumberFootnote Text
1D-U-N-S number not received yet, proprietary code is shown.
2Original contract effective date: 05/01/2004
3Original contract effective date: 01/01/2009
4Original contract effective date: 09/10/2011
5Varying MDQ quantities as follows: 5000 dth - Oct 1-May 31, 20000 dth - Jun 1-Sep 30
6Original contract effective date: 06/01/2014